FIVE GT-2 WR Black Gloves




The Long Glove For Long Journeys

New in 2020, the GT2 presents a concept that will speak to globetrotters and adventurers of all kinds. Especially for those looking for a lightweight glove, protective and comfortable, allowing to evolve in mild temperatures while preserving its pilot unpredictable showers. Thanks to its structure composed of laminated water-repellent fabric, the GT2 allows rain drops to slide, preventing them from penetrating. It offers the finesse and lightness of a glove with no waterproof membrane, coupled with impermeability often enough to “pass between drops”. It also offers many refinements essential for long-distance journeys, such as the Clear Vision Pad ™ visor screen cleaning system or the Touch Screen ™ touch screen manipulation system. which allows you to navigate easily via your GPS or smartphone without removing the glove. The level of protection is not left out, with its PVC shell and its many reinforcements, upper side, and its wide Kevlar® yoke, palm side, covering the base of the hand until the hypothenar, under which are inserted three foam elements. The palm is also equipped with a Digital PU reinforcement for better grip on the handles in case of humidity. The flexibility of the whole and the mobility of the hand are accentuated by the integration of tissue type lycra at the level of the between-fingers. Comfortable and resistant, with both falls and scattered rains, the GT2 will be of all your adventures and will quickly become essential as soon as you decide to travel light.


  • Extensible water repellent fabric (top) for waterproofness and comfort / Full grain goatskin (palm) for flexibility.
  • Monobloc metacarpophalangeal hull PVC under fabric / Construction with “window” cut.
  • Protection of index and major phalanges in Soft TPR.
  • Bellows index and major with reflective insert.
  • Foam protection reinforcement on all phalanges.
  • Forearm protection by sleeve incorporating a memory foam.
  • Large Kevlar reinforcement from the base of the hand to the hypothenar.
  • Digital palm reinforcement PU for better grip on the handles.
  • Double closure system (wrist and cuff) by elastic strap and Velcro.
  • Adjustment tab under Kevlar® panel.
  • Reflective fabric at the wrist.
  • Forks (between fingers) type lycra.
  • Clear Vision Pad ™ screen cleaning system on the left hand side.
  • System Touch Screen ™ (index) handling touch screens.

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Weight 2 kg